What an essay means

Essay (fr. essai – attempt, sample, essay, college-paper.org review) – literary genre, a small prose essay up to 25 pages and sometimes more, free composition, implying the author’s impressions and thoughts on a particular issue or subject.


The main feature of the genre is a philosophical, journalistic beginning and a free manner of narration. The essay is characterized by such features as imagery, sharpness and abstractness of thought, as well as the installation of intimate frankness.


In simple words, the essay represents various impressions and observations of the author who recalls them for one reason or another. In this way it is a short essay-reflection. The essayist, in a simple manner, shares with the reader life experiences and topics of concern to him and the public.


Types of essays

The essay is divided into several types:


  • literary-critical;
  • historical;
  • philosophical;
  • spiritual and religious.


Many literary scholars refer to the essay as an essay, a personal diary, a letter, or a review of something. As a rule, an essay is characterized by the presence of a problem, a free presentation of the material, and proximity to spoken language.

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  1. sarahloran3211 says:

    Hello, this is Sarah a student of cisco ccna online course. You asked what an essay means. I wanna tell you that the essay means that you write about a subject and describe what is all about, define it vague and give your idea about it, that is an essay. You write an essay because you wanna tell your point of you about what you think about it and what you know about it. In my opinion this is an essay.

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