Tips on Crafting Essays on Diversity in the Workplace

While I am not a fan of how to posts on the Internet, “Tips on Crafting Essays on Diversity in the Workplace” was just too great to pass up. It was helpful and surprisingly useful when I was researching this topic. First of all, I like the idea behind liberally using statistics to highlight trends over time. It’s also the only way for us to see changes and lack thereof. Although I don’t agree with the notion that quotes are the best hooks to attract readers’ attention, I know the value and importance of the first sentence. It is also important to make sure the beginning of your narration is memorable. “Tips to Crafting Essays about Diversity” is one article that sticks to its own recommendations of using clear language while avoiding redundancies and excessive wording. It was a refreshing breath of air in this area. All in all, this post at smartbusinessdaily.com is a solid guide on writing about workplace diversity issues, though the tips can just as easily be transferred to any topic or subject you have to cover in high school or college. It will be a great resource.

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