This happened when i tried making money on Fiverr

This happened when i tried making money on Fiverr

Those who don’t know what fiver is, it is basically a huge online marketplace on which you can offer literally any service starting at $5, this article is definitely not sponsored.

Joining Fiverr

Offering any service you want and getting paid for it sounded pretty epic to me, so I decided I would give it a try okay, so I signed up for Fiverr, I entered a few details and just like that, Liam Thompson, and i was ready to make my first gig.

Okay so what was I going to offer to the world I needed something which had high demand, so as you do, I did some research, the problem was that there were so many options, so many pages of different websites, each with different opinions, I didn’t really know where to start but that got me thinking man if there are this many websites just for this topic, I wonder how many websites there are on the entire engineer, so I searched it up 1.5 billion websites, then it hit me and all of these websites has surely got to be thousands and thousands of people who need to have their website like reviewed.

making money on Fiverr

And that was that my first ever Fiverr gig which was bought for $5, I will video test and critique your website in under 24 hours just for a bit of an incentive, I was keen to make some sales ASAP, so when I was asked what I would offer for $5, I checked every single box the plan was to grind down a few orders until I got some good reviews then I could put the pricing up. I could uncheck a few of the boxes and then I’d be raking in some serious cash right only a day or so later. The first order came through, then I realized how much I’d actually signed myself up for test 10 pages on desktop and mobile for 20 minutes writer summary reports, tank screenshots and add annotations and then give my customer unlimited revisions if they weren’t happy all of that for $5, so I got on the grind I finished everything in about an hour and a half and I completed my order thankfully, the dude was pretty happy with everything and finally I received my first four dollars yet turns out five or takes 20% of the earnings so it was actually four dollars, and not five dollars then about one month later 30 days later I finally got my second order, again I got on the grind I completed the order an hour and a half , claimed my $4 and hopped on my merry way hoping that this time things would pick up a little bit another entire month went by before my next order came in this time though the guy was actually happy with what I gave him and he left what I’ve been waiting for for this whole time the Halloween 5-star review this was that this was the big breakthrough

Getting orders on Fiverr

I could feel it I was as highly reviewed, as I could be I often literally everything Fiverr allowed me to there was no way that things were going to pick up from here and then the next morning I woke up opened up Fiverr and found absolutely nothing, by the time the fourth order came around I was just about ready to quit but I couldn’t just yet after all I’d heard so many of my items preaching the power of hard work, I’m here all of my dreams and aspirations are here in the only thing in between these two is a bunch of work so I wasn’t gonna give up, not this time I was gonna finish this order, finish the next one and the one after that, so I got to work and I made my best review yet I’d spent almost double the time I spent with any of the others I sent it in and the guy asked for a refund and four dollars the only thing that I had to keep me going he wanted it back because my results were too generic and with that I put my Fiverr career to risk for good.

So that was that during those three months I messed a whopping $12, I know you’re thinking though with all the experience I gained all the hard work do I regret working for $3 an hour or reviewing websites, Absolutely not, it was part of the plan….

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