Techyrack Not helping?

Hi Techyrack, I see now that you do not want to help me even after I have asked for help and you said you would? May I ask why you all of a sudden ignored one of your viewers and supporters?

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  1. christibility says:

    Hi StevenBlom,

    What is the issue you are facing, what help do you need, state it here and we will try to assist

    You know Everyone is busy but we will try to look into your issue here in this thread




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  1. StevenBlom says:

    Hi, I am really struggling to make adsense arbitrage work. I have been put onto short time at work so I don’t have money coming in and really need to make it work otherwise I can’t put food onto the table. I even bought a course and followed everything but nothing. Is it possible for someone to sit in a call and explain, maybe show me some things or I don’t know. I have so many questions and no one willing to help and answer. Really need some help.

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