Self employed online content entrepreneur: Earning with Google Adsense and your blog

Self employed online content entrepreneur: Earning with Google Adsense and your blog

Hello, how are you? I am glad you just came across this article and I know you will be glad to see I’m revealing to you exactly how you will become a self-employed online content entrepreneur who earns money online at your own accord just by contributing content.  I will also share with you how this decision you make will eventually become a full-time source of passive online income and will continually earn you money online for lifetime.

 This will be a great experience guys and to establish this Avenue to make money online for yourself,  it will entail having a Blog or website which has been approved to Google adsense.  Google adsense is the best  and highest paying ads network and as you continue reading this article further I will tell you how and give you statistics on how adsense pays one-on-one.

You might be wondering how to get adsense approval for your blog and I assure you not to worry because right here on Techy Rack, we got you covered since you can have a ready full website blog created for you and with complete Google adsense approval, this is a website that will immediately start earning you online money and as we proceed further, I will let you know exactly how it is done.

 So now we start, Google Adsense is the best highest paying network in the world and if you have a blog that has been approved by Google adsense, it will be very easy for you to start earning online income ranging from $300 to over $1000 per day.  The determinants to earning a good income with your blog is the traffic it receives; getting an audience and traffic for your blog is very easy. You just have to be consistent with producing content. You must try to write articles for your blog which meet demand and also provide value to your audience.

It is also possible to make money online with Google adsense and an autopilot blog which Autoposts content itself. It is very advisable to use a content spinner in this. Let me remind you that if you want an autopilot WordPress website which has been approved by Google adsense, Techy Rack has got you covered right here, feel free to reach me out anytime.

 Let me make something Clear here, you can earn money with an autopilot website or an autopilot blog with adsense. However, let me testify to you that you can earn more money on Google adsense with unique content which you have written for yourself, if you want to make money online with Google adsense that is dependable and sustainable then choose to write articles yourself or hire an article writer to write for your blog and remember you can order for article writing services right here on Techy Rack for the best SEO optimised content for your blog which will attract more blog traffic and more earnings on adsense.

The best thing about getting your blog approved with Google adsense is because even with less blog traffic you will still see some income coming in since you can expect to earn from $10 to $30 if you have a Blog receiving 1000 page views every month. Bloggers earn an estimated $ 0.21 per page view or more. This happens in the very best profitable blogging niches, and remember right here on Techy Rack, when you order for adsense approval for your blog or adsense approved blog created for you, we will choose the best profitable blog niche for you that will guarantee you to make money online fast with adsense approval on WordPress.

Less paying niches and autopilot websites which are out of blogs that have been created to auto post content on a scheduled basis which is pulled from RSS feeds Which are of blogs owned by other people, these websites earn from $0.02 to $0.06 with Google adsense.

 The best thing I love about unique website content which has been manually written is because it performs very well on Google since Google favors it more than automated content, so the content is also better if it has been carefully researched and written and also good keyword optimisation used (SEO). This will bring back to your blog a lot of organic website traffic from Google and all other search engines which is blog traffic coming from people who are searching things on the internet and on their results your blog is presented to them as a finding. If this happens to your articles every time, they will keep getting recommended to more people by search engines and this is how your blog articles go viral and you start receiving huge amounts of blog traffic and earning a six-figure income from your blog.

 Blogging is definitely one of the easiest ways to make money online fast and if you haven’t started today this is the time to do it, just check our services right here. 

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