A friend of mine is the CEO of his own small business. We’re not very close friends, but we know each other well enough to have visited each other’s houses for dinner and drinks a few times. His business is advertising a role which interests me. I have suitable skills for this role but limited […]

I’ve worked in Software Development teams my entire career and I’ve come to realize the spectrum of skill-sets is utterly staggering. Over the years I’ve managed to adapt my in-office behavior to handle utterly incompetent and lazy people. The way I handle it is to simply cap my anger and frustration, but I find myself

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I am thinking of pursuing web developing as a career & was just wondering. I’ve heard that that location is a big factor when it comes to salary of web developers. Kindly state: 1) Country 2) Salary Monthly/Yearly 3) Years of experience. P.s) You can choose to remain anonymous if you want to.