This is a special Techyrack offer where I will create an auto-posting/automated wordpress news blog for you.
News websites get a huge amount of traffic from all over the world due to their nature. This site will be running on autopilot and hence will automatically post news updates from the world’s best news websites so your viewers will never miss the news.
I will build an amazing responsive and fully automated WordPress website for you that will publish 100% fully automated articles requiring no manual effort. I will also monetize your site with a pay per click ad network to earn you passive online income as people surf through your site.
Your site will be running on autopilot and will update every hour with the latest news.  You won’t need to do a thing.
Website Features:
  • It updates automatically
  • Responsive news design
  • No maintenance required
  • SEO friendly
  • Profitable advertisement
  • Custom logo
  • All required pages setup
I will be very glad to work with you and i won’t let you down at anytime.
Feel free to reach out and make your order at any time. I will make it happen.


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