In this package, i will create for you a monetized automatic website created on your chosen platform, you can choose either the blogger platform which is based on free hosting from google and Blogspot domain or you can also choose the WordPress platform which has more features.

The autoblog will be monetized using advertisements to earn you passive online income which will start generating already from day one.

  • You will receive a full professionally created website from any of the two platforms of your choice, WordPress or Blogger.
  • The site will be made to autopost content topic of your choice.
  • Income account, you will receive this account since the site will be monetized for you with ads so that you can start earning money online.
  • All SEO will be done on the website and it will start receiving a steady stream of organic traffic from the search engines whenever people are searching for terms matching those auto-posting in the website.
  • The platform will also be submitted to all search engines for indexing.

Please feel free to reach me out any time, i will be right here and fulfil this successfully to you…


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