Okiano Marketing and Woocommerce conversions with Google ads

When someone purchases a product on a WooCommerce store, this is a beautiful beginning for your business. Now, what can you do to make sure that they’ll come back to make their next purchase in the future?
Establishing the right marketing efforts and effortless automation will help you get more customers. Google ads can be integrated with Woocommerce and Okiano Marketing for full automation of your marketing effort.
Imagine if someone wanted to buy a large quantity of products on your WooCommerce store and there weren’t enough in stock. What would happen? They would go somewhere else or they might decide not to buy anything at all. Sounds like a small mistake, but it could be costing you loads of money and revenue! And it happens if you don’t automate things and keep track of inventory levels properly.

Okiano is a marketing company that provides WooCommerce conversion optimization for merchants, store owners, and developers.
When working with Google Ads then it’s so easy to your increase conversions up to 22% by simply making minor changes to the Google ads account descriptor.
Okiano has found the best approach for setting up your account so you can spend more time on your business or day job.
This guide is perfect for online entrepreneurs who are new to Google ads with WooCommerce, small business owners who want to start advertising their products & services with Google ads, and parents who are running e-commerce stores for their children.

Read more about our Okiano Marketing Conversion Optimization https://www.okianomarketing.


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