My AdSense application for YouTube has been disapproved

Hi, i have an issue with my adsense application for YouTube which says error. So, apparently, my channel achieved 1000 subscriber and 4000 watch hrs and i was ready to monetize my YouTube channel and so i started the process and when it cam to applying for adsense for YouTube since i have never had google adsense before, so after 1 day, i received an email from google adsense that my application was denied and i checked on YouTube monetization part and the adsense step was saying error. Am really up to now confused and do not know how this can be solved, i have tried many fixes i have seen from youtube but still is the same , i get adsense rejected with error message again. Please anyone who can help me out in this i will appreciate alot, i have been waiting for two year to get my YouTube channel to this point.

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