is it safe to buy monetized youtube channels 2022

A monetized channel is one that sells advertisements to companies that want to target their ads to a specific demographic. This is a newer approach to monetizing content on YouTube. Some monetized channels charge for membership, such as YouTube Red, through which users can view ad-free content. These channels may also have a subscription option. Some of these channels also have a pay-to-play option, which lets you donate money to a channel in exchange for a higher quality video. This is typically a subscription charge. You may even be able to make it a paid membership through Patreon. Many channels will give you something in return for your donation if you pay more. There are also channels that allow you to make monthly contributions through a Patreon. This is a different approach to gaining access to content from people. You’re not really paying to access the content, you’re paying the channel creator in exchange for their work.

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