invalid traffic admob

Invalid Traffic Ads is a mobile app that allows you to send out promotional ads to your audience. It is a one-time setup app that automatically creates landing pages for you and sends you emails that allow you to send traffic to them. There are several things that make Invalid Traffic Ads different from other apps that do this. First off, it allows you to create your own campaign, which allows you to specifically target your audience, and secondly, it allows you to create your own landing pages.


This means you can set up your own custom landing pages and create the content that will be sent to the email addresses that you have collected. Invalid Traffic Ads will also allow you to work with the latest ads that you can use to get paid. The app has a huge selection of ads, so you can choose the ones that best fit your niche and target your audience. You can also create any number of campaigns, which is something that you cannot do with most other apps.

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