make money blogging with google adsense approval

How to get your blog approved to Google AdSense and earn money blogging

If you are ready to take a step of faith to learn how to start a blog which will grow into a big fulltime source of passive real online income, then without further ado, let’s dive in.

1. Picking a name for your Blog and the Blogging niche too. 

First, you will start by picking a name and  blogging niche for the new blog you are starting.

This is what readers will see first (something like, and it will be very good if it perfectly represents the topics you’ll be writing about—or it could be your own name,or a perfect nice name you have chosen.

The niche of your blog is the most general topic area that you’ll be focusing your content around to engage your audience. Some of the best blogging niches you can do are like  food, travel, fashion, technology, lifestyle and more. Adding a word or two which will clearly signal what your blog content is about, within the name of your blog (like or—will be very good and helpful to your blog audience.

2. Getting your website hosting and domain for your blog to be online.

Once you have done this, you should now purchase your domain name and hosting, you can also use free blogger hosting and just purchase the domain name instead. I usually suggest namecheap for the domain and hosting, it is one of the best website hosting platforms i have experienced since even the Techy Rack right here has been hosted on Namecheap, and as you can see, you are having a wonderful experience learning more on this blog.

For more on Namecheap website Hosting and starting a blog from scratch with namecheap website hosting, see the full tutorial right here.

3. Designing your blog to be perfect.

Once you have already set up your website and domain, it will now be time to design your wordpress blog or blogger blog to be perfect. If you do not have much experience in designing a blog or doing all this stuff in order to start a blog, that’s why we at the Techy Rack are here to help and support you throughout your blogging journey. We have a service which you can utilize at the best rates in the market, where our engineers will set up the website hosting for you, design the blog and monetize it for you and hand over the blog to you once it has started to earn money online from the content. In short, you can receive a fluffy monetized blogging platform which has been made at your request and this will be a lifetime online business for you. We are here to make things easy.

 You can check the blog setup services right here:

I will now go straight into telling you bit by bit how your blog will start earning money for you from the articles you contribute and google adsense. The blog can also be autopilot if you have no time to spare for writing articles, however, let me repeat once again in this article, that manual blogging with content you write yourself earns more money than autopilot blogs.

How To Get Google AdSense Approval

Google AdSense has been considered many times and again as one of the best ad networks to monetize a website or a blog. This is because it is 90% better than all other CPC advertising networks existing. One of the best advantages of Google adsense is that it offers blog publishers the highest CTR ( clickthrough rate)  for every web page on their blogs or websites. So, this means that publishers make lots of revenue daily from Google Adsense if they are receiving good amounts of blog traffic to their blogs. Every new blog owner usually has a dream to monetize the blog with the Google adsense ad network. But unfortunately, it is unfortunate that many of them fail since google adsense has placed very strict measures and manually checks every request made to join Google Adsense.

Right here in this article, i wanted to inform the people who have tried applying for Google adsense and have failed, do not give up. Techy Rack is right here to help you. Our Engineers can create a blog from scratch for you on your behalf and get it approved by Google Adsense, and when the blog is klater handed to you, you will have a fully monetized online business which is already making money online. The only thing you will be doing is to add more content to it regularly. And i said too, the blog can be autopilot but i do not recommend autopilot blogs alot since you will not earn good money.

So, if you feel you want to own a blog today, don’t miss out in making this crucial step to have one made for you. If you have your blog made with us, it will take a period of 30 days whereby our team of engineers will start working on your blog, designing it and adding content and following all google AdSense approval policies. The google approval is what takes time since it will take a period of 3 weeks or more. However, you are guaranteed that at the time we are working on your blogging website, everything is perfectly under our control and the blog will only be delivered to you when it has started earning money online for you.

 How to get Adsense approved?
How to get Adsense approved?

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