How to get google adsense 2022

This is the step-by-step guide that will help your website get approved by Google AdSense. Check out these tips to increase and boost your Google AdSense earnings and start making more money from your website.


A top-level domain (TLD) is one of the domains at the highest level in the hierarchical Domain Name System of the Internet after the root domain. Examples of TLD are >.com,.net,.info,.org among many others.


You can get AdSense approval in Blogger without adding a custom domain. The problem with the Blogspot subdomain is you might need to wait up to 6 months to be eligible for AdSense approval. If you use a top-level domain instead of Blogspot you will get AdSense approval within 25 to 30 days. Another benefit of using a custom domain is you will not face any problem if you wish to migrate from Blogger to WordPress.i would prefer you buy TLD for fast monetization.



For a Blogger/WordPress site, you can find various free and premium themes. For Google, they would prefer you to use a simple theme. A theme that is easier to customize. Before downloading a theme or template, check it on your mobile and make sure it easily fits on the screen of your mobile. Choosing a responsive, fast-loading, SEO-friendly theme helps you to get AdSense approval. The most preferable theme for you to use it a default theme which is COLORMAG from WordPress.All you need is to install then activate. and for this, the only plugin you need is the only a magic thumbnail for it to generate featured images.



Google AdSense doesn’t approve a new website. You have to apply for AdSense only after 25 days. Instead of creating an AdSense account earlier, spend at least 25 days on your website by customizing your theme properly, writing good quality posts, and doing SEO (Search Engine Optimization). With this, you will get approved.



For you to get approved you should write at least 25-30 unique articles. For you to write articles, you need to choose niches. that relates to your domain.


After writing all unique articles, also use unique images then you will need to submit your site to the google search console.


it is necessary to submit your site in the Search Console. The search console helps you to check indexing status and optimize the visibility of your website. Using Search Console’s indexing tool  here are some of the benefits that you will get 

  • Improve Your Website’s Search Appearance. 
  • Make HTML Improvements.
  •  Increase Organic Search Traffic. 
  •  Monitor Link Reports. 
  • Recieve Website Messages.

 You will also request indexing by inspecting every post’s link. This method helps you to fast index your posts in Google and get Adsense approval too. 

Another thing is by Creating a sitemap and submitting it on the Search Console this helps you to tell the search engine that you have some posts, pages, media files, and categories.

What should we do after applying in Adsense?

 Even after publishing enough posts, you shouldn’t stop creating new articles until you don’t get approval or rejection mail from Google Adsense. You should publish one article per day if possible. You shouldn’t remove the Ad setup code from your website. 


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