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How to Create a Niche website that makes money in 2022?

To find a genuine money-making niche for your first website, you must conduct thorough keyword research. You will end up selecting a bad niche if you do not conduct adequate research.

All of your hard work in creating a bad niche-based site will be almost entirely for naught because you will not make the profit you expected from that niche website. Before you begin keyword research, you should have a broad niche in mind for your first website. Weight loss, blogging, SEO, affiliate marketing, travel, insurance, and food are some broad niche examples.

If you want to start a website in the weight loss niche, you should first use Semrush to search for weight loss keywords. Begin with the broad term and work your way down to a much smaller list of keywords. Without a doubt, there is competition in every niche. However, you must find a niche in which you can make a good living with little effort.

Semrush is an excellent keyword research tool that can assist you in selecting the best niche for your first blog.

Some Niche Selection could be:

  • weight loss –> weight loss diets –> Jenny Craig Weight loss diet
  • blogging –> blogging tips –> blogging tips for beginners
  • web hosting –> WordPress web hosting OR
  • web hosting –> WordPress web hosting –> BlueHost WordPress hosting
  • web hosting –> WordPress web hosting –> WordPress web hosting discounts
  • pets –> dogs –> dogs training
  • pets –> dogs –> dogs foods

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