How To Analyze Your Ad Campaigns

Analyzing your ad campaigns is important to ensure that they are meeting the goals they were set out to meet – and that the money is being used effectively.If you are already using Google AdWords, you already have a tool to measure the success of your campaigns – the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).There are 10 KPIs that can be tracked across all your campaigns. These include:

1) Click-through rate

2) Conversion rate

3) Average cost-per-click

4) Landing page conversion rate

5) Average position

6) Average time on site

7) Average order value

8) Average order value per click

9) Average order value per conversion

10) Average order value per visitor

However, these KPIs are not a foolproof way of assessing the success of your campaign.In order to get a better idea of the performance of an ad campaign,  I will show you 10 ways on how To Analyze Your Ad Campaigns.

1. Look at the number of impressions and clicks on your ad campaign.

2. You can also look at your ad performance on Google Analytics.

3. You can also check your CPA (Cost per Acquisition) on Google Adwords.

4. You can also check your CPL (Cost per Lead) on Google Adwords.

5. You can also look at your conversion rate on Google Analytics.

6. You can also look at your ROI (Return on Investment) on Google Adwords.

7. You can also look at your conversion funnel on Google Analytics.

8. You can also check your CTR (Click Through Rate)

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