How Much you can make per day with Google Adsense Arbitrage

Is it profitable to do Adsense arbitrage?

That’s the question many people ask themselves, wondering if they should use type of monetizing method.
The first step is determining how profitable it is. It will depend on whether or not you are solely relying on AdSense for your main source of income. If you’re not, then it’s more conducive for you to look into other methods of making money online.
There are plenty of other options that may suit your needs better than Adsense Arbitrage would.
When considering each of these alternatives, let’s first take a look at how much they would make per day at their highest earning potentials.
Arbitrage is one of the most lucrative endeavors if you are solely looking for a quick cash injection, and can be beneficial with its flexibility and low investment costs.

Adsense arbitrage is a controversial subject with an even more controversial definition. Even the experts are again at odds over what you’re actually supposed to do.
The term comes from this article “AdSense Arbitrage” which states how you basically snipe cheap keywords on Adwords, find articles that rank for those keywords which are near written or physical capacity, make them even cheaper by loading them with ads, buy ads on the project and put the products up for sale.

The idea is to make money off of programmatic ads that Google shows to its content partners who may not have high-performing sites. This strategy gained fame in 2013 after Johnny FD reported an account that hundreds of thousands were making $40-50 per day using this strategy .

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