How Fiverr can pay you up to over $1000 monthly passive online income

Hello guys this is yet another passive online income real life story in which you will also be learning on how to earn a passive online income from Fiverr that exceeds over $1000 monthly or weekly and if you think this is not true about it, don’t judge it before you have seen it, I will also share a video which I will show you real results which were attained by the one who attained the results.

I will introduce you to Joe who dived into online entrepreneurship and he first started by joining an online writing website named iwriter which is  a legit website where one can earn money writing and typing articles for clients who come from iwriter.

 The iwriter website currently is accepting writers from USA and Europe countries only, Joe who is from Africa was lucky at the time since he joined a iwriter back in 2017 when iwriter was accepting writers from Africa. They currently closed joining of  iwriter for African’s since they say they have broken English and hence are preferring Native English writers, so only writers with old iwriter accounts are still working and were not locked out. So, Joe worked for 3 months on iwriter where he started getting clients orders and in that period earned $24 for iwriter then suddenly his iwriter account got locked  and banned over certain reasons, so, Joe lost the first online job that he had got and he went down to being jobless again and this time he dived deeper into research on how he will establish multiple streams of income, Joe decided to invest in himself and he went to learn as many skills as he possibly could and  one of those best mentors he has is Elon Musk who has incredible quotes like putting in 80 hours when others are putting in 40 hours and working very hard.

It came this time on an August when Joe bumped across Fiverr which is a freelance platform where one can register and earn money online with no investment needed, So Joe joined the Fiverr website and he was very happy to have found this platform, remember he had nothing but $24.  Earned from iwriter which he was also consuming.

Something you need to learn about the game of money if that you need to establish for yourself multiple  streams of income which will earn you money online so that your income will be more than your spending, in that way you will never run out of money, so once Joe had joined fiverr,  he received the first order on Fiverr which was from an Indian guy who was doing a website project and he needed wordpress plugins, so he hired Joe to do the job and this is how he did get the first order on Fiverr.

 It was just a $5 order and he managed to deliver it very fast, and delivering orders fast will make you get more fiverr orders. Something to laugh about is that the same Indian guy came after a day and made a second order which was $10 for two more WordPress plugins of different functionality and from then on, Joe started getting more orders on Fiverr and today he can perfectly tell you that you can indeed earn money online with Fiverr up to over $1000 per weekly or monthly.

 Joe worked on learning online jobs during the time when he was at research, so he learnt  especially a lot of web development skills and today he is the chief Rack engineer at Techy Rack and the main treasure hoarder of Treasure Hoarde he is a hard worker and above all Joe believes in a higher power, in God who is the supreme being, the creator of heaven and earth who in HIM we all live and experience life.

you can get a website from Techy Rack which has been monetized with multiple streams of income, there will be a continuation of this article which you will check out right here.

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