how many articles does one need to write so that your site may be monetized by google and after writing articles how does one submit to google?also how long will google take to respond?


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Hello, my name is Lydia am an Inventor and Web Engineer who believes in making work easy. I decided to introduce a system I have created for auto blogging where I will create an Autoblog for you and also monetize it for passive online income. I will also write for your blog articles and any type of website content. I can also manage your Youtube and help you to join YTT Program for you to start making $$$. Web Development is also my Passion and I believe Dedication is the gateway to success.


  1. Techyrack says:

    fast adsense approval

    In this process, to get your google adsense approved successfully, you will need well written articles which are 100% free from plagiarism. Google Adsense reviewers are so strict. At the first time when you have submitted your website to be reviewed by Google Adsense, the process will be automated and Google crawlers will go through your website to identify if the content matches any other content that is available online.

    Also, you will need to use good keywords in the content, this will be good to get some search traffic which is very essential to the google crwalers to make your Adsense review process fast and not take too long.


    For the Articles that you need, i reccomend having around 30 – 35 Unique articles which are ranging from 300 words and above. The content should also have nice images. If you want a place to get royalty free images, make sure to check out Pixabay.


    I will also recommend another very e3ssential site for you.This checks if your website is eligible for adsense approval and it does this by scanning all errors your site might have like Duplicated content and Broken Links. It is very essential to run this test for your site before you submit to google adsense for approval, access the site here at Siteliner.

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