Giving your Adsense invalid click protector a platform

When I first created my invalid click protector, I first checked my Adsense account to see how many Adsense clicks I was getting from the invalid clicks. I was getting about 3 clicks a day from the invalid click, which wasn’t a lot, but it was about 10% of the clicks I was getting from the valid clicks. I didn’t want to lose those clicks so I made a platform on my website to give them a platform to live on.

The platform consisted of a “Go to…” button that takes you to an invalid click. The invalid clicks are all linked to a page on my website that explains that the clicks are indeed invalid and that people will get a message telling them that the clicks are invalid.

The platform also includes a “Give Me a Link” button that allows you to give me a link to your site so I can give you a real ad. This is the perfect way to let people know your site is legit.

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