Getting 4000 watchtime hours and 1000 YouTube subscribers in Just a Month

Getting 4000 watchtime hours and 1000 YouTube subscribers in Just a Month

Hello good day how are you, in this article I have something really special to share and this touches the YouTube platform which is one of the best video platforms where also the video creators get an opportunity to earn money online from their unique video creatives.

In this 21st century YouTube is one of the best platform available to make a passive online income for Life time since once YouTube starts paying you, as long as views are coming into your channel, you will continuously earn money as long as you keep uploading videos on a consistent basis, so consistency is key, you have to be consistent if you want to establish a reliable source of income via YouTube and Google adsense.  Mostly YouTube will pay $18 for every 1000 ADS viewed and this is a lot of money guys, in some videos on the Techy Rack YouTube channel, I’m going to be showing you some statistics and Analytics of how much people are making on YouTube just from their Video creatives.

 To earn money on YouTube there are some goals to be achieved which have being set up by YouTube the goal is to acquire 4000 watch time hours and 1000 YouTube subscribers within the last 12 months this is usually a very big challenge too many people and for some it takes two years and even more to achieve These YouTube monetization target for you to start earning money on YouTube. 

For many people achieving 4000 YouTube watch time hours and 1000 subscribers is a very very daunting task, before this requirement was introduced by YouTube, creators only were required to achieve 10, 000 views so as to be monetised by YouTube but nowadays YouTube decided to take it further to 4000 watch time hours which amounts to  240, 000 views and the 1000 subscribers. Any creator who wishes to start earning money on YouTube must achieve this goal in order to get monetized.

Let me give you a sneak peek of the service you should expect when you start working with me right here. So, once you place an order for me to create a YouTube channel for you, I will start working, I’ll upload random unique videos which are copyright free to your YouTube channel and I will also optimize with keywords and do the YouTube SEO so that your YouTube channel will start growing rapidly. My main target is that I’m promising to fulfill this in just the cause of one month, something which takes people even up to over two years to achieve. I am promising to achieve it for you in just over a month and year guys. I promise this is one of the best services you’re gonna come across on the internet.

 You’ll be surprised that in this article am indirectly offering you an opportunity where I am able to achieve for you the 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch time hours in just one month. you might be wondering how I will do it, this is a project I will achieve and fulfill, I will be using the unique YTA viral method and uploading unique copyright free YouTube videos on your channel, I will only deliver your project after the 4000 hours watchtime and subscribers milestone is achieved. You can request the service right here on Techy Rack or you can reach out our Rack Marketers right here for the service.

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