Fiverr Stock vs Upwork Stock which one to Invest? [FVRR vs UPWK]

Fiverr Stock vs Upwork Stock which one to Invest? [FVRR vs UPWK]

so fiver or upwork which one which one do i buy which one’s gonna give me the best return return of investment that’s the whole point stick with me on this video I’m going to show you the differences between these two companies I’m gonna share with you what I think and which one I would go for so seasoned investment thanks for joining me again previously I’ve shared a really short three-minute video of me moving from five with the artwork or me considering from five of the upward simply because I felt that five I was a bit overvalued at that time back in that month but today I’m gonna give you a full lowdown on where the fiver and up work and what the differences are because there’s a huge difference to help you make your investing decision so for me five up work what’s the difference it’s like Nintendo switch versus a supercomputer those two a great products but they’re completely different it’s like Nintendo switch its portable everybody loves it anybody can use it and there’s huge demographic people using it 

Is Fiverr a good investment? ($FVRR)

super comfy computer more expensive more profits to be made lower volume but lots of fanboys to keep at it so for me Fiverr is like a Nintendo switch anybody can go in and find a job anybody can go in and get a services it’s cheap affordable if you don’t like one product that you’ve got off a fiver service you can change for another one because it’s no it’s cheap high volume second one you know upwork it’s like a super computer it’s professional you need a stable degree you need you know credential aggradation before you can get a job and when you come in as a buyer you go to up work you feel a bit more comfortable because all the sweepers been affected 

you’ve got plenty of reviews and would you go and pay by the hour not buy the service spider our quoted you get the job done and most likely you get a good quality job done fundamentals so the first one is the revenue which company is better at the revenue you for me i’ll give my thumbs up for revenue for great sales you’d be up work up work will make more revenue sales compared to Fiverr because people charge by the hour if you want to hire an architect or an engineer you charge by the hour you can pay someone $25 for that guy with a certain degree or even pay someone a bit with a better reputable degree more experience it can be 50 60 70 by the our expenditure who will be better expenditure 5 or upward I give my thumbs up to fiber fiber because due to location the technology is based in Israel and then upward it’s based in California you know

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 engineers in California of the most expensive the up keeping the changes so Fiverr all the software engineers are all in in in Israel and they do not to do much vetting of the users they do not need to do so much tax and credential you can go it’s the eBay it’s more like eBay you can come in so the expenses to fiber it’s gonna be far lower compared to do expenses down but upward in terms of net profit and growth third one net profit in grow who would I give my thumbs up to I would give my thumbs up to Fiverr because as you see it’s EPS as a growth ratio in the last four to six quarter fire has just beaten the EPS every single quarter up will as disappointed in the last quarter and then dear earnings have dropped again the forecast of job which it’s losing a bit of a losing we have credit ground then so in terms of Fiverr because there’s spent so much money on the branding of coming new products even though the ignition on professional route that coming new things every time so net profit and growth would be far greater exceed as it stands today exceed to up work in terms of business mode you know the business visibility competition how long will SD know the originality five whirlwind on this ground as well because of plenty of different variety of work so during the coronavirus you know in a certain work 

F drop and scale the other work from home economy sir have grown up youtubing service marketing digital marketing for YouTube has gone up you know graphic designs is Sally spiked up as well in terms next so in terms of large corporation work because once you get large corporation people like Microsoft for Google to sign up say I want your services I want to use the services longer term big huge contract who’s gonna win it’s gonna be up work what will win are huge you know Microsoft is not going to go to Fiverr to look for a coat designer they’re gonna go to up work to find a coat designer then I’m gonna get fiber simple as that so in terms of large corporation large contracts boom-boom-boom huge sales it’s gonna go to up work customer base in terms of custom unit customer base you know customers that millennial millennial are the biggest customers in the world who’s got a biggest customer base that I have to give the fiber if a company gets millennial businesses that complete will be rich if Millennials things that I need you that company village so Fiverr pleases more to Millennials you know you might be a gamer a twitch gamer you might be a young a young dynamic person to sell you know plastic caps design handcrafted caps you could a fire would find those services you’re not gonna go to work up with more professional people with degrees in credit Asian the other than Allah so in terms of customer base five will be intense down volume or linens down in the last one valuation

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 Fiverr my personal valuation for them is at forty bucks a share for them to make profit they should be worth 40 bucks and we know Wall Street future value they put in the future value for it and now they’re worth about 60 so in terms of valuation if you are a value investor good up work I think our work should be worth 18 dollars a share and it’s a sense and worth 12 the low because of the next forecast actually undermined themselves I do not know why they undermined himself Hayden the CEO and the miner sell by lowering forecast that’s wrong they should be worth 18 bucks and five we should be were falling and look at the differences but that doesn’t mean that I will rich 18 it depends on investors patient momentum they put it but assistance fire has got a momentum they have issued even more institutional shares as $60 a share recently back in the end of me that shows a sign that people are interested in their company so valuation up what wins by in terms of current momentum of five events so finally 

Alex you’ve got this rating score who wins in a day it doesn’t matter everything so my personal my unbiased I own both this companies but if I had to choose a one today if you’re looking for Commission free low-cost UK I self-starting shares trading broker then I recommend you trading to one to click on link below I’ve joined it you can buy fractional shares it’s easy to buy easy to use for beginners and also advanced trending tools that you’re looking for so click on the link below and join me now at trading two one two really really good season so finally who would I choose fiver or up work regardless of all this mess I will choose anyone I do own both by the way I will choose one if I have to choose one I would choose fiver yes I will choose fiber because of the momentum and the fact that the branding is really really strong and the fact that they will be sooner to make the profit and the fact that it’s more Millennials customer base and I know they’re worth 60 I would buy them at $55 a share even know despite the fact I know there were forty

 I didn’t mean the first profit but then Wall Street buys your future value of the company they don’t buy the intrinsic value so that’s me that’s my conclusion Fiverr is my preference at this day and time if anything change our will is a video future I still think this to the great company of work is still very undervalued so this is me you make a decision you make your own research and please do like smash the like button so you can see both videos like this in future listen I think my channel should be huge I hope so I need you guys to get my my support I’ll be producing quality contests like this every single week or day okay see you on Facebook see you in the future view pipe

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