Easiest sites to find online writing jobs in Kenya and make money online fast

Easiest sites to find online writing jobs in Kenya and make money online fast

 in this article I’m going to share with you some of the easiest sites in which you can start writing this is online jobs if you want to get writing online jobs in Kenya I’m going to show you some of the best and easiest sites you can join and start earning money online in Kenya through there and you’ll be paid through  this service by safaricom and paypal whereby they introduce Paypal to m-pesa payment so that people in Kenya can be able to withdraw their money from PayPal to m-pesa and so guys once you join this site they’re freelancing sites you start making money online just by offering online writing and we’ll be getting Direct clients and you can also offer the services as well the more skills you have the better you can Excel in this freelancing platform so keep reading on end make sure to check these sites out.

Online Writing jobs in Kenya that will pay you through Paypal to Mpesa

Which sites am i able to use to form money online in Kenya?

Here, verified sites mean sites that I even have been ready to make money online performing on these sites, therefore I’m speaking from experience.

Here is that the list of web sites you’ll use and successfully earn that online income.

  1. Up work
    This is currently the simplest and most professional freelancing website. it’s many jobs and really professional clients. It pays alright . Writers here earn from $5 per 500 words, all the thanks to even $100 plus.

Upwork guarantees your payment. To make certain you’ll be paid, you ought to use the Upwork Desktop App for hourly payments or the client creates a milestone payment. Note that for hourly jobs you would like to make sure that the client features a verified payment method.

This is the sole site on this list that I still regularly use.

  1. Freelancer
    This is a site where you’ll easily get your first job, though it’s nowadays very greedy and low paying. the typical pay here is $2 per 500 words for a contract writer, which is pure slavery.

After you advance a touch you’ll get to up to $4 per 500 words. thanks to the very fact that it pays peanuts, it’s only good for a really new freelancer who’s just practicing for a couple of weeks. In fact, if you actually value your worth as a freelancer, this is often not the simplest site to use.

The main advantage with this site is that the incontrovertible fact that getting a project are often relatively easy. This site also has numerous freelancing opportunities starting from writing and accounting to web designing among others.

One serious thing to notice about this site and other bidding sites like Upwork is that you simply should accept work from someone who is willing to make a milestone/escrow payment before you begin working..

This way, you’ll not find yourself losing money. A milestone/escrow may be a payment that a client creates and releases to the web site before the project starts.

Another great point is that you simply are the sole one who can cancel a milestone, the client can’t. He can only raise a dispute just in case your work isn’t up to par and you refuse to cancel the milestone.

Feel free to ask more questions below just in case you would like more on this. Here is how you’ll make money online through Freelancer.

  1. Fiverr
    FiverrThe first time I verified the Fiverr website I broke call at laughter. this is often one site where you’ll freelance almost anything for five dollars.

Whether you would like to write down a piece of writing , dance dressed up as a hotdog or record yourself reading out someone’s poem during a nice voice, you’ll roll in the hay in Fiverr.

If you market your gig well, you’ll end up laughing all the thanks to the bank.

Here’s the way to make money on Fiverr.

Add to The Make Money Online in Kenya List
The above are the sites I’ve personally gotten work from. you’ll roll in the hay too.

As time glided by , i ended that specialize in such sites, but went on to getting awesome, direct clients. i like to recommend that to all or any veteran freelancers.

Freelancing sites have a limit on how you’ll withdraw your cash. you’ll only be ready to use PayPal, Payoneer, or bank transfer.

However, with direct clients, you’ll use the other means to live . You’ll love Transferwise.

And if you get paid via Bitcoin, you’ll use my favorite marketplace, Paxful, to sell the Bitcoin and receive the take advantage M-PESA, Chipper, bank transfer, etc. You get to settle on from over 300 payment methods.

Feel free to hitch my free mini-course for writers to urge awesome recommendations on writing.

Do you make money online in Kenya? Which website does one use? be happy to feature to the list within the comments below.

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