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Do you want to make money on youtube ,without even making videos? Well believe it or not a lot of the biggest channels on youtube make a ton of money from their channels without ever showing their face or stepping behind a camera and you might be saying matt i don’t believe you i need an example well in this document today not only am i going to show you actual examples of channels doing this but i’m also going to show you a secret hack that a lot of these channels are doing that’s allowing them to multiply their revenue multiple times this hack is by translating their channels into different languages. i’m going to be going over all the details in this video today. i’m going to show you not only how to blow up on youtube where to find free content to use but also how you can monetize your youtube channels and multiply your profit. 

Potentially make more money from your channel by making your channels in different languages and here’s the thing you don’t even have to speak any other languages you don’t have to get in front of a camera once. I come out with regular videos about how to succeed on youtube. My name is Matt Parr. I run nine different youtube channels. I’ve gotten channels up to over a million subscribers. I’ve taken those channels. i’ve translated them to other languages made new channels for the translated versions and have gotten millions of views on those channels in fact i have translated channels with over 700 000 subscribers on them in languages that i don’t even speak so i actually do this method and aside from someone who’s never done this before telling you about this method i’ve actually done this time and time again. i’m going to reveal to you the secrets about doing it the right way in this video today.  

i’m super excited about this video i’ve wanted to share this for a long time and i’m finally going to be pulling back the curtains and showing you exactly how these channels are doing this so without further ado let’s jump right into the video in which i’m going to show you an example of a channel doing this now the channel that i want to show you is this channel right here called animal wise and as you can see animal wise says 344 000 subscribers and they just make videos like the seven mistakes that cat owners make 2.3 million views and it’s literally just someone doing a voiceover on top of the video talking about the different mistakes that cat owners make that you could literally find out about by doing searches on google finding the biggest mistakes that cat owners make writing a script doing a voiceover when i started youtube i literally just use my phone to do voice overs but if you don’t even want to get behind a camera 

you can literally pay other people to make the videos for you that’s actually how i run nine different youtube channels i pay other people to make the videos for me hence allowing me to make money on youtube without even making videos so yes it’s possible and yes it is going to require work but in my mind this is one of the best ways to start making money online and potentially build a real long-term business with youtube now as you can see on this channel right here their videos get a lot of views 540 000 views 4.9 million views and along with the fact that these videos are getting a lot of views they are also utilizing this secret translation hack that i’m about to reveal to you in just a couple moments here but before that let’s just take a look at how much this channel could potentially be making just from ad revenue so if you’re unfamiliar the way ad revenue works on youtube is that advertisers bid to put ads on youtube videos and when you’re on youtube you can actually apply and get accepted into something called the youtube partner program once you have 4 000 hours of watch time and 1 000 subscribers and once you get into this program youtube will literally put ads on your videos and for every single ad impression and every single view that you get you will get paid from those views a percentage of the ad revenue and you can potentially make a lot of money doing this but you can make even more money with some other secret ways that i’m going to be sharing with you in this video today but first let’s just take a look at how much you could potentially make just 

through ad revenue so this channel right here if they have ads on their channel they could be making between 823 to 13 000 a month and you might say that’s not bad but how much are they really making that’s a huge discrepancy now what i’m using to estimate this is a program called socialblade you can get it it’s completely free for your chrome browser and take a look at estimates of how much youtube channels are making now what would i estimate that this channel is really making well i would estimate that it’s a little bit in the middle and a little bit on the higher end of that spectrum so i would guess that this channel is making anywhere from 8 000 to 10 000 a month in this niche and you might say well that’s a lot higher than 800 a month like it says right here and that’s because i say this channel is in a semi-high cpm niche meaning there’s a lot more advertisers who want to put ads on pet videos than say videos just about random subjects so since this channel just makes videos about a single topic their ad revenue for that topic given the topic is a high cpm topic and cpm by the way is the amount of money that on average you make per thousand views and this differs for every channel it differs for

 different niches but i would guess that this channel is making about eight to ten thousand dollars a month and that could be between seven thousand and a hundred and twenty three thousand dollars a year i would guess anywhere from 70 to maybe even a hundred thousand dollars a year just from ad revenue on this channel now while you might be saying that’s good you know i would love to make an extra 100 000 a year who wouldn’t well this channel could potentially be making way more money with a secret tactic that i’m about to reveal to you in this video but first let’s take a look just at these videos let’s look at how often they upload they upload once about every two days so they upload a few videos a week like one two three four three to four videos a week which is a pretty good schedule now if you were to go out there and start doing this i would recommend at least uploading a video every single day uploading daily gives you so many advantages that i can’t even cover in this video but i’ve made other videos on my channel right here that talks about how often you should upload to youtube so definitely take a look at those videos you’ll get a ton of value from them and they’re completely free on youtube so taking a look at this channel right here they just do videos like how do cats show affection can you bathe a dog after deworming and just all these types of things about dogs and cats and pets and that’s mostly what they talk about now let me show you how they’re multiplying their revenue with translation so they have this channel right here called animal wise it has 344 000 subscribers now take a look at this channel called animalpedia with 177 000 subscribers and you might be saying mad they look really similar in fact they even have the same icon look at that they both have the same logo and they have different subscriber counts so you might be saying how is that even possible is that even allowed can i make multiple different channels like that and the answer is yes you can as long as you make the videos different now how is this channel making the videos different from their other channel and the way they’re doing that is by translating their videos so what they’re doing is they’re taking their videos that they have in english and these same people are translating them and uploading them in italian in this case so this channel right here is the italian version of animal wised so this is the italian version right here and as you can see if we take a look at the social blade stats for this channel they could be making up to seven and a half thousand dollars a month

 i would guess about five thousand dollars a month for my own personal experience running channels and niches similar to this but still that’s really good and the really cool thing about this is once you have that initial content made then you can make channels of all types of different languages you might be saying matt i need an example of this well here’s a channel called watchmojo you’ve probably heard of them they have 22 million subscribers they just make videos about movies and stuff like that and as you can see they have their channel translated into italian portuguese for brazil korean french indonesia and they have their channels translated in all these different languages and they’re getting a ton of views on every single channel and you can go out there do the calculations look at the social blade stats add up how much all of these different channels combined are making because you might say well the english channel is making a ton of money but the secret you probably don’t know is that a lot of these channels have channels in different languages not only watch mojo but also one of the fastest growing channels on all of youtube called bright side they have 35 million subscribers brightside gets an insane 89 million views a month making between 20 000 and 300 000 a month i would estimate they’re making about 150 000 a month just from ad revenue on their english channel so this is just their english channel but check this out they have a spanish channel called genial with 25.1 million subscribers

 so that’s potentially gold play buttons for each of these different channels in fact that’s a diamond play button for hitting over 10 million subscribers on both of these channels and this channel as well is getting 89 million views a month on their channel and not only this but brightside is translated into arabic korean italian portuguese almost any different language that you can think of bright side is translated into and that’s because they’re owned by a company that employs all these different people for translating channels making content animating and all of that kind of stuff and you might be saying well matt that’s great but you know i’m just me right i only have myself to do this how in the world am i supposed to translate my channel into different languages if i don’t even speak the language that i’m translating them into well good news it’s definitely possible in fact that’s exactly what i do i don’t speak spanish i don’t speak korean yet i have channels in both of those languages so how in the world do i do that well i go to online marketplaces and i pay people to translate the videos for me and you might be saying well matt that’s great but that must be a lot of money well it really isn’t especially for translating your channels because in order to make actual content or to get content made from scratch rather it can cost anywhere from thirty to a hundred dollars for a ten minute video and that could be a lot of money for a lot of people so that’s why

 i generally recommend that you create the content yourself at first until you’re making money from your channel and then you can go out and pay other people to make the videos for you but if you already have money from the start youtube can be a great investment investing in what i like to think of as digital assets on the web and then those assets can potentially make money for you every single month but the amazing thing about then translating your channels is the fact that you can get it done very cheaply all you have to do is get someone to both translate and do a voiceover for your video so if you have a video for example like bright side right here about the 13 tips on how to survive wild animal attacks and as you can see right here this is the spanish version of that video 34 million views on the spanish version and 80 million on the english 

version right there and on the spanish version right here as you can see it’s the same animations the same video everything like that but the titles are all in spanish on the video like actually within the video and then also the voiceover is in spanish so they translated the script and they spoke the voice over in spanish and as you can see these videos even have the same thumbnail exactly and they’re about the same length about 10 minutes and 4 seconds on the english 10 minutes and 10 seconds on the spanish channel so it’s really not that much work to translate your channels into other languages even if you don’t know the language now you might be saying where can i find people to do this well on fiverr you can find people to translate your youtube videos right here and then you can also find people to do voice overs in almost any language that you can possibly think of for example you can find people in spanish starting at literally just five dollars now how much do i actually recommend paying other people to translate your channels for you well

 i recommend taking both of these positions both translating and voice over and putting them into a single position and getting one person you can simply post a request on fiverr if you wanted and get one person to both translate and do the voice over for you so how much should you pay people to actually do this i recommend paying two dollars and 50 cents per minute of video that you have for example if you have a 10 minute video that would end up costing only 25 are you starting to see how amazing this is so once you have your initial videos made you can get more videos made for literally just 25 if on average your videos are 10 minutes long that’s a lot cheaper than paying 30 to a hundred dollars per video and you can do this very cheaply and potentially make a lot of money from it and if you stick with me i’m going to be revealing how you can make up to 10 times more money than from just ad revenue alone because you might be seeing these figures and being like wow that’s a lot of money but the thing that most people don’t understand is that you could make a ton more from this secret method that i’m about to be showing you within this video today but before that let’s take a look a little bit deeper at this channel animal wise right here and let’s take a look at how their videos are actually structured so that first you can understand how you could potentially make these videos from scratch and then

 i’ll show you that secret method for monetizing your channel to make up to 10 times more money even more than 10 times in a lot of cases and on channels that i’ve ran from your channel so before that let’s just take a look right here as you can see it’s literally just someone doing a voiceover showing stock clips of animals as you can see is showing different cats and it’s showing the mistakes that cat owners make like this one thinking that your cat is the same as a dog as you can see they just put some titles on there and then i’m guessing on the italian version of their channel right here they’re just gonna speak in italian of course also showing stock footage and then showing stuff that’s in italian on their thing and as you can see on their thumbnails they’re in italian right there and i recommend doing that as well if you have text on your thumbnails translating that into the specified language whether it’s spanish or italian or brazilian whatever different language that you wanted to be doing and also i would guess that this channel animal wise has channels in other languages as well i’m sure you guys could find them i’m sure they have channels in spanish and portuguese and all the other big languages from around the world and that’s personally 

i would do if i was running this conglomerate of channels right here so you might be saying well matt how do i actually find the clips to use within my videos as you can see they’re showing all these different stock videos and they’re showing videos of dogs and cats and all this kind of stuff where can you actually find these videos to use and better yet for completely free well you can simply go to a website called pixabay.com and pixabay completely free you can literally just go to pixabay and type in whatever you want to search for let’s say for example you want to search for cat as you can see tons of completely free images of cats and even better yet you can download these for free with no attribution required you simply click free download and you can download these images in any sounds that you want and it says free for commercial use no attribution required meaning you can use it for completely free and not even have to give credit in the description of your youtube video now what’s even more amazing is that from this drop down right here we can select videos and they actually have free videos of cats as well so for example if you’re doing a video about the six mistakes that cat owners make you could literally just include these stock clips for completely free go to pixabay download these clips onto your computer edit them together i recommend a completely free video editor called open shot download these videos write your script do your voiceover edit this all together and then upload to your youtube channel you can make a ton of content doing this and then even better yet is this process doesn’t really even require you so once you start making money from your channel you can then reinvest that money in your channel into making a content creation assembly line machine whatever you want to call it get other people to make the videos for you and that’s how

i personally run nine different youtube channels and you might be saying matt i went to pixabay.com but they don’t really have a huge selection for what i was looking for and i get a lot of people coming to me saying this saying like i want to use pixabay but they don’t have any videos of like this obscure topic or something like that or they don’t have enough videos about cats as you can see they have two pages of videos of cats right there which is a lot but if you’re doing a lot of videos on cats you might run out of all these videos right here so what i would actually recommend doing is taking a look at another website called storyblocks.com and storyblocks.com is a stock footage website that includes so many stock clips like it’s absolutely insane and this is what my team actually uses for our content library on a lot of our different channels so what we actually do is we go to story blocks typically the editor after the voiceover artist has already recorded the voiceover they get the script and the voiceover goes to the editor of the video and the editor simply goes to storyblocks and they search let’s say for example if we want to search for cat videos they search cat and as you can see there’s tons of these royalty-free videos of cats right here and even more than that is the fact that there’s a lot like there’s a lot more than just on pixabay like there’s hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of these videos it’s just insane so you can find so many videos now the thing about story blocks is that it does cost money but once you start making money from your channel you can reinvest that in getting cool tools like storybooks and story blocks in case you’re wondering is 29 a month this is what my team personally uses its 29 a month for unlimited downloads i recommend getting the unlimited downloads one if you’re going to otherwise it’s eight dollars a month and you only get five downloads a month and you do pay it yearly if you want to do that’s what my team does to save money but also you can pay monthly as well for 65 dollars a month but if you know you’re going to be doing this long term like my team does then we just pay it on an annual basis otherwise you can just pay it monthly try it out download all the footage that you want to unlimited downloads of footage music all that kind of stuff that you can use within your youtube videos for completely free and if you’re interested in story blocks simply click the link in the description if you want to sign up and this will give me an affiliate commission so if you feel like i’ve given you a ton of value so far in this video or on my channel and you want to help support and you want to get story blocks anyway might as well do it at the link in the description so now like i promised you i’m going to show you a secret on how to make up to 10 times more money than most channels on youtube even more money than these channels and so many channels do not do this and they’re missing out on so much money like even some of the channels.

i’m showing you don’t even do this so you can potentially make much more and on top of that with a much smaller channel so if you want to make money off the bat you don’t want to wait to get 4 000 hours of watch time and a thousand subscribers you can simply do this literally just go to marketplaces like clickbank.com digistore24.com here’s clickbank right here and if you go to clickbank their marketplace all you have to do is scroll down and then click home and garden and then under that you can see animal care and pets right there and if you click that what’s so amazing is that there’s tons of different animal care and pet products that you can promote for completely free and not only that but earn a commission every time someone buys that product so think about it like this people are literally going to your channel let’s say you have an animal channel and you talk about animal facts and you give tips and tricks for owning dogs and cats it’s very likely that the people who are watching these videos already own a dog or a cat and if so you can literally promote things like this brain training for dogs as you can see this is literally a course to develop your dog’s hitting intelligence to eliminate bad behavior and create the obedient well-behaved pet of your dreams and as you can see the average money per sale you could potentially make is 31 every time someone buys from the link that you can put in the description that you could put in the pin comment section of your youtube videos and potentially make a lot more money than from ad revenue i see so many people making more money from affiliate marketing from selling their own products in the descriptions of their youtube videos than just from adsense and then you can look at adsense and youtube ad revenue as just a nice bonus but you can make a ton of more money potentially doing this and all you have to do is sign up for clickbank simply click promote and you can promote these products and there’s tons of them on here and another place i recommend going to is digistore24.com they’re a lot more worldwide and my programs are actually on there as well but there’s so many different programs on digistore24 that you can go promote as well now what’s amazing about both digistore24 and clickbank is the fact that both of them have products that you can promote in different languages meaning that you can go here and you can scroll down you can see the language right here as you can see this is a u.s english but as you can see they have ones that are literally in spanish so if you were to make a spanish pet channel you can literally find the spanish version of these products to promote and sell to those people as well so there’s so many different products on here that are in so many different languages as you can see we got german english spanish french italian portuguese and i know digistore24 has a bunch of other languages as well and you can literally go in and promote products in all these different languages from your youtube channel and potentially make a ton of money so you might be saying matt that’s great but how much could i realistically expect to make doing this well just to show you the power of this let’s just take this channel animal wise for an example right here as you can see they’re getting 3.2 million views a month on their channel let’s just take this number right here and let’s times it by 0.0003 which would be 0.03 percent if you could get 0.03 percent of everyone who watches your videos out of 3 million views a month to buy one of your products let’s say for example we were to market this product right here brain training for dogs we take that number you get 31 dollars a sale this would be 987 sales per month times that by 31 dollars a sale on average and you could potentially make up to an extra 30 000 a month and this channel could potentially be 

making about 10 000 a month just from ad revenue alone so add that together that’s 40 000 a month and then add that on to the fact that you can start making more channels in different languages and everything like that and you could potentially make a ton of money doing this now a word of caution do not i repeat do not take other people’s channels and translate them into other languages this would be copyright infringement because you’re not really changing anything all you’re changing is the language of the video so do not take other people’s videos and translate them into other languages only after you’ve made your own channel like animal wise did right here after you have your own channel then you can translate your own channel and your own videos into other languages i just want to look out for you guys make sure that your channels are in the best standing that they possibly can be and make sure that you can build a real long-term business with youtube because i see a lot of youtube gurus online saying to buy fake views buy fake subscribers and saying to game the system well that’s the same reason that they can never grow channels to the point of being able to get play buttons to the point of getting a hundred thousand subscribers and a million subscribers because they’re really just gaming the system they’re just putting together compilation videos from other people stealing content i want you whoever’s out there watching this video right now to be able to build a real long-term business with youtube not have to deal with getting strikes or getting banned from youtube or any of that other stuff that goes along with doing it that way and i don’t want you to always be in fear of like your income being shut off this way you can build a real long-term business with youtube.

i know you’re going to do it the right way and i want to say that you made a great choice and your future self is going to thank yourself for doing it the right way you’re going to be happy a year from now knowing that you made the right decision now if you want to discover the right way of going about doing this for sure over the next 90 days i actually have a program called tube mastery and monetization you can check it out at the link below into mastery monetization you get a complete blueprint and guide for doing this the correct way for sure and on top of that you also get a private facebook community with me in it every single day answering as many questions as i possibly can so if you want to get support from me along the way of going about doing this learning about all the biggest tips and tricks and the mistakes.

i made and the things that i wish i knew when i was starting youtube if i knew what i knew now starting youtube i could have had success way way way sooner i’ve been doing youtube since 2014 and i’ve documented everything what’s worked what’s not worked along the way and i’ve put all of this cumulative knowledge into this program to mastery and monetization so if you’re interested in it and you’re interested in going about doing this the right way for sure then check out that link below and i really look forward to working with you if you’re interested if not no problem at all make sure to hit that subscribe button and check out all the amazing other free videos that are on this channel and also we have a completely free training that you can attend at the link in the description as well if you’re kind of on the fence about the program or just check out some more of our youtube videos i want to thank you so much for taking the time to watch this video it truly means the world to me now if you want to see an incredibly weird niche that’s actually making a ton of money on youtube then check out this video right here completely free video that’s going to reveal another really weird niche that you could potentially do this in and make money on youtube without ever getting behind a camera without making videos or anything like that so check out this video right here and thanks so much for watching everybody and i’ll see you in the next video.

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