$540 Chartered Shares Investment Stock Day Trading on Etoro Platform

Investing in stocks can be one of the most effective ways to grow your wealth over time. While stocks can be volatile in the short term, in the long run they tend to provide much higher returns than other assets such as government bonds and cash savings. This is the financial freedom chasers youtube channel right here guys and in this video, i want to show you live as i do stock day trading on my etoro account, and so i will be showing you my Live Etoro Dashboard too. So, if you have not subscribed make sure to do so and like this video too. So in this video, i will be day trading the chartered communication stock share, i had done some research on it and its back ground history and earnings report history and i saw good potential in this stock, its price was currently undervalued and had gone down and therefore this is why i decided to invest it based on my research.

So, i have now set an order for charter communications stock, to be initiated once the market opens, i just have now to wait, very few minutes and the market opens and this order will be initiated. Almost like 2 to one minute remaining for the nyse market to open.

So, guys, right here we see the stock is already live now and has opened and gone first down abit, since mostly stocks can open and go down first then rise, they can also go up immediately market opens, the stock market is alwways very unpredicatable, this is why investors especially day traders like keeping their money in cash overnight to use it during market hours. So guys, you can see the amazing price movement we have right here on the chartered communications stock and i am confident we going to make a good profit today.


So guys, the price movement has started having a change of trend as you can see right here since instead of going down it is now moving up and here is now where i have to pay attention the most and get ready to lock in my profits guys. so i will monitor this closely to see the continuos uptrend of the price movement of my stock and get ready to close. Am expecting a $7 to $10 profit margin on this day trade and this is where am expecting to close this trade at guys, I hope you are seeing how awesome stock day trading is, it is both risky and also profitable too if you get the right positions. So, i will keep watching this and now am very very close to profiting ffrom this deal guys, this is a real deal guys, i do 5 more such trades and i call it a day mehn, the more capital you have the more you earn.

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