5 Online jobs any learned person can do online and stay at home

5 Online jobs any learned person can do online and stay at home

Hello Guys, good day to you, so, my name is Joe, I am a freelancer and web developer, and I am the founder of techyrack.com and youtube channel too and techyrack.com is one of my largest freelance galleries. 

in this article, I will be showing you 5 easy and cool ways to make money working from home online even during this period when the whole world has been ravaged by the coronavirus which is trying to wipe of mankind, it has been advised for people to stay at home to stop the spread of the virus, activities in many parts all around the world have come to a standstill and people are not working their normal jobs but are staying at home, so guys, if you are wondering what you can do at this time, here is a breakthrough since I will be showing you 5 different ways to earn money online even as a beginner and this is very easy guys.

Always keep it locked since I will be frequently publishing much more articles on different ways to earn money online, am a full freelancer and have much than experience to earning money online, you can check my profiles at the description area below, I will make sure to drop all-important links right there

So guy, most of these methods, I will be based on Fiverr which is the biggest freelance market place in the world. I can say it is like a youtube, but a youtube not of videos but of gigs which are services offered by freelancers and people really flock and buy stuff on Fiverr, and I want to show you what you can do to make a living from Fiverr and get orders for something you can be able to easily deliver

I will start with the easiest part which I know most of you are learned and skilled and can manage to do this which is article writing, this is a skill which has a lot of demand online, websites are been launched each and every day and these websites require content, article writers are needed in plenty, and writing an article is not at all a complex thing since it just requires research, make sure you have listened to your client and understand what they want since, in article writing, you never expect what topic you can be given by a client, myself I do article writing on Fiverr and I deal with a wide range of topic, the easiest way to write an article is to first do research of the topic given and you will find content from your creativity, you have to create helpful content, which makes sense and is not copied, you do research from other written content s and write in your own words and make sure to maintain quality

Article writing is a profitable venture since the payments range from 500 dollars for every 500 words this means a dollar for each word and this is very lucrative when starting out on Fiverr, you should start by offering cheap prices and you get clients and as you get more Fiverr reviews, you can be able to adjust, Fiverr is easy to join, I will leave a link for the article writing category below, you can check it out, I will also be bringing more videos on cool article writing tips, 

Join Fiverr here and earn money writing articles

The second method you can make money online is through selling music visualization, you just list a music visualization selling profile on Fiverr and then you will be receiving clients who will be sending you audio files, then you will go to a website by the name renderforest.com and search for music visualizations, and at render forest .com you will be able to buy music visualization templates at 5 dollars, and since you will be doing music visualizations on Fiverr at 30 dollars, you will get your money back plus profit, you will only buy music visualizations on render forest once you have received an order on Fiverr,l this is one easy and genius way to earn money on Fiverr, you are the first bunch of people am sharing this with, if you want me to create for you Fiverr music visualizations selling account, you can just reach me out at my Fiverr, also, any other type of Fiverr account.

Join Fiverr here and start earning selling Music Visualizations

The third method in which you can earn money on Fiverr and get orders is by selling short video ads, you might be wondering how do you do this, this is easy guys, there is a website that goes by the name flix press and on this website, you will find a lot of short video ads templates and if we can have a look at Fiverr, short video ads are sold for a lot of money, but I suggest, when starting out, you can start with selling at 20 dollars, so the trick here is to list gigs on Fiverr as a short video ads seller and then, every time you get an order on Fiverr, you will be taking a template on flixpress and customizing it according to your client's request, this is very easy guys, there are all types of templates on flixpress I told you, here I will tell you what you never knew, I will  drop the flixpress links at the description area below

Join Fiverr here as a seller and benefit from the FlixPress Method

the other method to earn money on Fiverr is through managing Facebook and Twitter accounts, you surely can handle this and it is very easy, you just have to know what your client wants and the niche been specialized in and you just have to publish several posts every day related to this topic, do some follows and engagements here and there and this way, you will manage the social profiles effectively, anyone can surely do this, it is one of the easiest,

Get Fiverr orders to manage social media accounts for clients and companies

The last method in which am going to share with you in this video is how you can get for yourself an Autoblog which earns you money, well, this method is not related to earning money on Fiverr but it is a service I offer on Fiverr, I can create for you an Autoblog of any topic you want and monetize it for you, the blog will be earning you 0.08 dollars per click, this is a lot of potentials since in 100 clicks you can have 80 dollars and this can happen fast, the blog will generate organic search engine traffic and you will start earning passive income, you can also use this blog to promote your Fiverr account and earn more money, all this is worth it guys, make sure to consider all that we have analyzed in this video, thank you for watching guys, you can be sure that more cool articles are cooking and coming out soon and together,