Willy Paul YouTube Earnings revealed with white bae

Willy Paul was earlier heard on the clip that began telling th young men to look for Money and work Hard all the Times, Willy Paul is a Kenyan Musician and on this video he was seen with a white lady who apparently is willy paul's Fiance,

I will now tell you more on willie Pauls Earnings on YouTube as revealed,

Willy Paul has 366 thousand  youtube subscribers and his YouTube channel has been given a grade B.

Willy Paul, as you can see right here earns up to 508 thousand dollars to 800 thousand dollars which is a lot of Money by the way, In Kenya this is approximately from 5 million Kenyan shillings Monthly just from his Music Career on YouTube, please do remember that these satistics are just an approximation,

Willy Paul is very Popular In Kenya and is well known for shifting from Singing gospel Music to secular Music,

This is all i had for the sneak peak on willy paul's YouTube earnings, i will be sure to always keep you updated at all times, you are most welcome

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