Magix Enga, Harmonize, Olamide and the copyright claims on the music Uno and Motigbana

Dundaing hitmaker had Harmonize's song Uno pulled down from YouTube.The top Kenyan music and beats producer Magix Enga says he has forgiven Harmonize.And also the video has since been returned to Youtube and currently has 3.5 million views, since Harmonize has a large Channel, Harmonize earns alot of money from his YouTube Channel and he could not have lacked the money to pay Magix Enga,

As you can see right here, Harmonize is well established and as you can see right here, he has 1.32 million subscribers and as we look further into this matter, we see that he earns up to an estimated 52 thousand dollars per month from His YouTube Channell, In Kenya, this is a wholesome  5 Million two hundred thousand kenyan shillings and therefore Harmonize can afford Magix Enga Beats.

As we look deeper into this matter, i will shiow you how much the UNO video is earning for Harmonize, This video as you can see has gained 3.5 million views so far and as we look More into this you can see the video has already earned up to an estimated worth of  13 thousand dollars and therefore the money earned by this video Alone is enough for Magix Enga. And thats what they did, Harmonize paid Magix Enga, Magix forgave him and the video was returned to YouTube.

To all Musicians out there, am repeating this again and again just as Magics Enga said, stop sampling Magics Enga Beats without consulting him first as he said, otherwise, you will be in Big trouble on Yoyutube since your YouTube channel will receive a copyright strike. Magix Enga is the King of Beats you do not wanna mess with.

In Yet Another scandal, Magix Enga has said he will fire twa twa shots to Olamide and drop his YouTube Video with over 21 Million Views, this is Because Magics Enga has said that Olamide stole this beat from him and is using it without permission and without Paying for it, These things make Magix Enga very Angry and very Mad, and this is why He is Mad, Olamide has been given a short notice to reach out to Magics Enga or otherwise, the song will be taken down.

As we can see Olamide Baddosneh here, he is quite well established too and has got five hundred and thirteen thousand subscribers. Olamide earns alot of money too from his YouTube channel and as you can see here, he is earning an estimated one point two thousand dollars which is a whooping one hundred and twenty thousand kenyan shillings monthly, therefore, Olamide, make sure you negotiate with Magics Enga before your video with 21 million views is taken down, take care, so Guys, I will Now proceed to play this part, where Magics Enga fires shots at Harmonize at the scandal, twa twa, please Guys, as i left you, make sure to hit that subscribe button, like this video and make sure to share,

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