Magix Enga appears suddenly more dangerous than ever- Apana Sample Bana

Magix Enga has suddenly appeared and this time he has come more dangerous than ever since he came and fired warning shots, to the people who sample his Beats and has said let this be the first and last and any person who want to sample Magix Enga Beats should officially go to him personally for permission to do so and otherwise the Music will be forgotten On YouTube, there is a warning shot already placed for Olamide, Myself too, i have already mentioned this in a few videos in a request to Olamide to take down the song Motigbana which he has sample Magix Enga Beats, this is in accordance that was earlier quoted and also the lates Magix Enga song after re appearance where he warns Olamide.

Magix Enga is one of the best producers in Kenya and he has taken Kenyan Music to the next Level, the Music produced at Magix Enga studios keeps the kenyan youth and also other More people to dance to the tunes each and every time,

Everyone is dundaing at Magix Enga Music, everybody is dancing, people are going crazy in the clubs, just twerking and twerking and twerking to the beats, Magix Enga is a Big deal Music Producer and it is better that even the international artists who would like to sample Magix Enga Beats they should follow protocol and the right process to do so by consulting him, the producer also has an official website, so guys, we see that even magix enga has received recognition from one of the world toppest Music producers DJ Khaled, who is an American DJ, record executive, songwriter, record producer and media personality A major force in the music industry, mogul, executive, mega producer and recording artist, DJ Khaled, known as the “Anthem King” and commonly referred to as the World King of Beat then now followed By Magix Enga,