Magix Enga and Olamide tussle on Motigbana song, who owns the beat...?

Hello Guys, how are you, Am Joe from TechyRack and in this video, apparently, am going to show you about the Magics Enga and Olamide copyright battle.

Magix Enga is the toppest music producer in kenya and is the King of beat Kenya, he is a major producer especially in the gengetone sector, Magix Enga has his own studio which has an estimated worth of a whooping 5 million kenyan shillings which is also fifty thousand US dollars, i will show you a sneak peak into Magix Enga Empire studios later in this video.

Right now, let me take you straight into the battle field of the tussle between the producer and the artist  and we know really who owns the beat having in mind that Magix Enga is a top Music producer, he composes his own beats and this is why of late kenyan gengetone artists and also hiphop artists such as khaligraph jones and even more who have been flocking magix empire studios to have their music produced by this genius kenyan mind, The music has had an effect of taking kenyan music to an international level and has also left an unending thirst of dancing to the tunes on the kenyan Youth

We are expecting kenyan music to go to an international level as rumours have it that Magix Enga will also collaborate with dj Khaled in a yet to be confirmed officially, am just giving you a sneakk peak into whom exactly we are dealing with here, this is Magix Enga and the beats he creates  and comoses,,,,

Men, they take kenyan music to another level of hype, we see the sailors Gang whose Music has now rocked more than ever and has received a more wider audience

we see youtubers from the usa like that fire LA, they have recognised to react on kenyan music even though they do not understand the language, that beat rocks and as you can see is that Fire LA has gained alot of audience even from Kenya

Now going back to Magix Enga, we see that he has the right to claim his created music tracks and beats since he owns it and this is why he is able to take down the music, he does not do it himself but YouTube does it for him since he rightfully owns the beats, Magix enga is the King of beats in Kenya and internationally too

Magix enga has the right to claim any music track beats he has worked on and this is why youtube hasd given him the right to do so.

If you check on the youtube copyright policy, this is so, therefore, Olamide, make sure you talk to Magix Enga and you negotiate about this, your video is at 21 million views and Olamide, you can afford to pay Magix Enga

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see you right in the next video.