Automatic Celebrity News Website (Ready Monetized)

Ready monetized celeb news website earning money online


In This Package:

  • A fully automated celebrity news website.
  • Content updates automatically (self posting)
  • A ready monetized website.
  • An income account.
  • A google account with active email account.
  • Free domain name already connected to the website.

What will be done:
  • The website will be launched and will immediately start filling with unlimited current celebrity news automatically on a daily basis.
  • Monetization will be done for you and all income the website generates will be directed to the income account.
  • Search engine optimization will be done on the website for high search engine ranking.
  • A unique theme design will be designed and applied on the website.
  • The website will be submitted to all search engines for unlimited organic website traffic.
  • A domain name given for free will be connected to the website.

What You will receive:
  • A fully automated Celebrity news website.
  • A developed google account for the website control.
  • An income accounts and the login details.
  • A free Domain name already connected to the website.
  • A live website that auto-posts by itself and generates income for you through ad revenue.

  • What to do after you receive the package:
  • Change the password of the Google account and the income account.
  • Direct the social icons on your website to your social media profiles (This can also be done for you free of charge, only your request is needed.)