Mistakes New YouTubers Make

10 awful Mistakes New YouTubers Make and How to Avoid Them

if you’re making any of these 9 youtube mistakes you could potentially be destroying your YouTube channel without even knowing my name’s Matt par I run nine different YouTube channels and I’ve gotten channels to over a million subscribers without ever showing my face and in this video today I’m going to show you the nine biggest mistakes that new youtubers make to make sure that you do not make these mistakes and potentially destroy your YouTube channel without even realizing it these are the biggest mistakes that I see new you tubers making and I really want to make sure that you don’t make them as well so before we get into the video make sure to hit that subscribe button so you don’t miss when I come out with regular videos helping you make money with YouTube so without further ado let’s get right into the video mistake number one is not choosing a specific niche.

 if you take a look at some of the biggest channels on YouTube you’ll notice that they only upload videos in a specific niche whether it be tech or cooking or music whatever it might be take a look at some of the biggest channels that you watch on youtube you’ll notice that most of them only upload videos in a single niche. this plays into their success to a very large degree this is a huge mistake that I see new youtubers making I see them uploading basketball trick shots one day and then top 10 videos the next day and then drone videos the next day this is a huge mistake and I want to make sure that you don’t make it. 

if you need help in getting clarity in choosing a niche click the card that just popped up on this video right now to see how you can choose a niche mistake number two is inconsistency not uploading videos on a consistent schedule now whether it be uploading videos once a week or once a day per hex vision going channel on youtube bright side does whatever your schedule may be make sure that it’s something you can stick to so I do not recommend at all uploading 10 videos in a day and then not uploading again for the next 10 weeks 

I would much much rather see you upload one video a week for the next ten weeks consistency really is key on YouTube mistake number three is making videos that nobody cares about I know it might sound harsh but I see a lot of channels on YouTube uploading videos in a niche that I know there’s not a huge market for or they’re uploading videos in a big niche but the niche is oversaturated and they’re making the same videos as everybody else or they’re just not videos that anybody wants to watch and a great example of this is a lot of gaming youtubers out there I see them start minecraft channels and do minecraft gameplay videos and all this kind of stuff but they don’t get many views and this is because there’s a million different minecraft gameplay videos out there on YouTube and they’re simply making videos that people don’t want to watch now there are a ton of super successful minecraft gameplay youtubers but they usually make their videos incredibly entertaining these tons of different fast cuts throughout the video and that sets them apart so make sure that you make good videos so that people actually want to watch now you might be asking how can I tell if my video idea is a good video idea it’s something that people are gonna actually want to watch and the way that I recommend is to go directly on YouTube itself and then type in your video idea in the search bar and then once you search your video idea sort the results by the highest viewed videos uploaded in the past week this will show you if there are new videos getting a lot of traction in that niche. 

it’ll show you if the video that you’re thinking of is a good idea and if no good results show in the past week you can also sort by the highest viewed videos uploaded in the past month mistake number four is quitting before gaming YouTube a real shot I see so many people on YouTube upload 5 10 20 videos and then give up saying it’s impossible to grow on YouTube now I can tell you from firsthand experience it is more than possible to grow big channels starting from scratch today case in point I grew a channel from 0 to 500 thousand subscribers in a single year from absolute scratch so I know this is possible and it bugs me so much when I see people giving up before giving YouTube a real shot I’ve had channels take 13 videos until one goes viral and the channel blows up I’ve had some channels take 50 videos until one of the videos takes off and the channel takes off and there’s so many people who are so close to success on YouTube if they would just go in look at their analytics see what’s not working see what is working double down on what is working and that brings me to my fifth big mistake that new youtubers make and that is not looking at your analytics it’s super crucial to actually go in and look at your analytics after you’ve uploaded videos onto YouTube and how do you actually take action on the data in your analytics and what data should you even look for in your YouTube analytics the number one factor.

I recommend looking at is the audience retention of your YouTube videos I recommend going in and looking at the audience retention graphs for your videos so you can see when viewer interest spikes at certain moments in the video and what it drops in other moments whenever the audience retention shows a big drop I would take a look at what exactly is going on in the video at that moment and then cut that out and never do that again in a future video and then I would also look at where the audience retention spikes and then try to incorporate as many things like that moment that causes the audience retention to spike in your future videos as possible so YouTube literally gives you the data to see what’s working and what isn’t so you can double down on what is working and disregard what isn’t and the second analytic I recommend taking a look at is your click-through rates so I would go in and see what the click-through rate is on your videos now click the rate is the percentage of people who click to watch your video as opposed to other videos either in search results in browse features or in the suggested video feed and it’s incredibly crucial because it doesn’t matter if you have the best video in the world if people don’t click to actually watch it you’re not going to get any views so most videos on YouTube have a click-through rate of between 2 and 5 percent so anything above 5 percent is really good and I wrote a bunch of different channels across a bunch of different niches and I always aim to get at least a 6 percent click-through rate or higher.

I would actually go in and see what your channel average click-through rate is and then comparing all the thumbnails of every single new video you upload against the thumbnails of other videos that you have and if you ever have a video that underperforms under your channel average click-through rate then what I would do is swap out that thumbnail to hopefully get a higher click-through rate and if it does keep the thumbnail if it doesn’t try another and repeat the process until the click-through rate goes higher mistake number 6 is by using bad titles now what do I mean by bad titles I see so many videos uploaded to YouTube they use titles that one nobody would ever click on or two are not searchable in the least for example if you make a BBQ tutorial video where you’re showing people how to barbecue you do not title your video BBQ 101 or something like that do not title videos like instead use a searchable title that people are actually searching for on YouTube and ask yourself would I actually search for this so a much better title for that video for that BBQ tutorial would be how to barbecue the correct way or something along the lines of that or whatever specific barbecue thing that you’re talking about and make sure it’s worded in a way people would find it if they actually search for that term not in a way that doesn’t make sense to anybody else this is a huge mistake one of the biggest ones that I see that a ton of new youtubers make mistake number seven is not optimizing your videos I see so many people on YouTube that have amazing videos but they don’t optimize it.

 whatsoever they don’t put a thumbnail on their videos they don’t put tags in their videos so make sure to include tags in your videos and then also make sure to naturally write those tags into the description of your video in complete sentences and this will tell YouTube what exactly your video is about and if you’re confused about doing this and you want to discover how to do this the right way I actually have a course called Tube mastery and monetization in which I reveal my secret SEO keyword strategy for implementing similar metadata on my channels.

 I do this on every single new channel that I start and I really think it’s essential for a youtube success so if you’re interested in that course link will be down below and if you’re on the fence about the course so you can’t afford the course also check out a completely free training that I have at the link below mistake number 8 is using week intro so instead of saying something like hey what’s up guys today we’re going to be talking about the top 10 fastest cars don’t say something like that instead say something along the lines of from a 200 mile an hour supercar to a Bab lo Biel that goes over 300 miles an hour today we take a look at the top 10 fastest cars and make sure to watch and tell number one because you will not believe how fast this car is and how incredible this car is using a strong intro like this we’ll make sure that the viewers are hooked to watch until number one because it makes them curious and think well what’s so special about this number one car and it’ll make them watch until the end of the video therefore giving you a higher average view duration and higher audience retention and more watch time.

 which is the number one factor on YouTube that you should be continually trying to improve and the number one factor to ensure success on the platform another great way to have a strong intro is to simply show what you’re about to show later on in the video and then way to actually show that until the end of the video for example if you’re running a personal brand channel about how to make money online and you’re going over a bunch of different tips start the video with you about to reveal that tip but then cut it off right before you actually reveal the tip and wait all the way until the end of the video to actually then reveal that tip that people are waiting for this will greatly help your audience retention and when you go into your audience retention graph in your analytics you’ll see a spike right at that moment because that is what people are waiting for in the video and this will give you a higher average view duration and more watch time and it will greatly help your channel now before we get into the final biggest mistake that new youtubers make and this is a mistake that’s actually destroying a lot of channels out there.I really want to make sure that you do not make this mistake but before we get into that mistake make sure to hit the subscribe button if you haven’t already and leave a like on this video if this video has been helpful so far and if not make sure to leave a comment below so now let’s get into the number 9 mistake the biggest mistake that I see new youtubers making and that is sub4sub I’m sure you’ve seen people out there saying hey subscribe to my channel and I’ll subscribe to your channel in return and there’s all these people subscribing to each other’s channels and this is actually destroying yes you heard me right destroying a lot of channels and it’s actually ensuring that those channels don’t get any traction.

what exactly do I mean by this number one you can get banned from YouTube by doing sub4sub because it is actually against the YouTube’s Terms of Service so that in of itself is enough reason never to do sub4sub but also doing sub4sub will get you a bunch of subscribers and it’ll actually lower your engagement rate on your channel now what is your engagement rate it is how many of the people who are subscribed to your channel actually watch your videos so if you get a bunch of people who are only subscribing to you because you subscribe to them too they’re not going to actually watch your videos and if they do it’s gonna actually really hurt your channel because they’re only going to watch a couple seconds of your video or maybe a couple minutes of your video but they’re gonna have a much lower average view duration than would people who are actually trying to find your video or clicking on your video in the suggested feed so that is why it’s incredibly crucial to never do sub4sub because one it destroys the audience retention on your channel and the engagement rate of your channel but more importantly it’s also against the YouTube Terms of Service and you can be banned so whatever you do do not do sub4sub.

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